Imadio PearlyWhites Photoshop Plug-In 2.2.5
Languages: English | File Size: 9.57 MB

PearlyWhites Plug-In - Automatically whitens Teeth. When everything, just everything, has to be right! PearlyWhites is an Adobe Photoshop compatible Plug-In filter that automatically whitens and brightens teeth. Digital cameras are known to add a yellow cast to teeth. Use PearlyWhites to automatically restore teeth to gleaming​ white. Run PearlyWhites on individual images or use it as part of a Photoshop Action and apply​ it to a set of images in batch mode.


Imadio Fisheye-Hemi Photoshop Plug-In 1.3.6
Languages: English | File Size: 10.96 MB

Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In - See the entire Hemisphere without the distortion. The Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In automaticaly remaps your fisheye images to minimize distortion and maximize the preservation of all image details.